Thursday, February 8, 2018

Custom Bases Painted With Pigments

In a twist of fate, the pigment I normally use on my 30k miniatures, Green Earth, turned reddish orange when applied to the bases using an alcohol wash. To try and tilt the color back towards yellow, I made a water/alcohol wash and applied some more Green Earth mixed with some Yellow Earth. So here we are now, with a blotchy yellowish tone. I like it. The yellow plays off the blue of the ultramarines really well. Now it had been my intention to make these bases work with my older ultramarines bases, as well as my 30k bases. That goal was not met, but I am ready to base these guys an move on.


  1. lol. earth sir you'll never run out again. i MEAN YOU'LL NEVER ORDER ANY AGAIN AND YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN WILL EAT PIGMENTS 3 SQUARES A DAY, but its a good price for the quantity :P

  2. Mmmm, tasty! Really dig how those turned out, unintentional color shift or not!