Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Painting Lord of the Rings Miniatures

This 100 model army is being painted for a new friend I met at the NOVA Open. He was so taken by my beaten leather beast man model, that he offered me an entire 40 model forgeworld army to paint. I couldn't resist the offer, so now I am painting 100 resin forgeworld dwarf models.  Scope creep. It is a thing. The doubling in size has me using every fast painting trick I know, since I want to ship this back to him as soon as possible so he can get some games in. I might have to try the game out once before I ship it. These models are just so lovely.


  1. Just 'cause they're dwarves, you can't all them miniatures, they'll take umbrage !

    They do look good. He's a lucky guy ;)

  2. Seriously. He has no idea how lucky he is! There is a reason I had to own a John piece!

    1. Thanks Greg! These are being painted considerably faster than the King Tiger you have. This is a crazy project. Sort of like an endurance race but for painting!