Friday, August 18, 2017

Primaris Reavers and Intercessors WIP

With my Death Guard completed, I needed something to just play around with and paint for fun. So I grabbed the First Strike push fit Space Marines and decided to paint up both squads. Initially I planned to make these fit in with my existing Ultramarines force, but I think I may weather these guys up substantially. This was a quick paint job, only taking an afternoon. I think a whole force painted up this way would look really great.


  1. Must resist 1rst strike until finished 6th ed set...

    You are not making it easy -_-

    1. Jump in! The first strike box is like a mini box set, but with a reasonable amount of minis to paint.

  2. They look great, and speedily done! That lot would take me an age!

  3. Oh man, those are very nice. Quick paint job is awesome.

  4. I really like the dark base color that you used for these. Can you tell us what color that is?