Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Late War German Soldier For Bolt Action Test

I usually paint a test mini before I dive right in lay down paint on 60+ miniatures, however today I jumped. The fun part after the jump, was figuring out how to add depth and highlights to the Vallejo German Uniform base coat. Enter Secret Weapon Storm Cloud wash. The coverage was good, the tint was good, and I am very happy with the result. It is fast and easy, and will allow me to rapidly paint up a late war force for our gaming group to experiment with.

  1. GW Black Basecoat
  2. Vallejo German Uniform
  3. Secret Weapon Storm Cloud Wash
  4. Vallejo German Uniform
  5. Vallejo German Uniform + Vallejo Green Grey (white-ish) 70971


  1. I love misterjustins washes...my goodness they are fantastic. So much pigment in them! Mini looks great John!

  2. Secret Weapon Storm Cloud wash is one of my favorites. Mine has a bizarre particulate precipitation reaction when I dip a wet (water) brush into it, but I still like it. It is my go-to juice for verdigris effect.

  3. Thanks guys. I have a whole squad nearing completion now. They'll be on the table top just in time for our big Soviet V. Germany Stalingrad game.