Thursday, June 25, 2015

German Infantry Platoon WIP

I began painting this platoon for another one of our Big Bolt Action Games, but I had forgotten about a mini-camping trip my wife had planned. Given that, there is no need to paint at blistering speed. I can slow down and take my time with the last batch of germans to the right of the completed bunch. However on the off chance it rains this weekend, I think might press on, and completed the army. It would be nice to have a new force for Historicon.

How shall I base these guys? Should I go damp earth with fall colored fallen leaves? Should I bases them on wet mud? Should I try to make ruined city bases for them. That would lighten the base providing contrast, as well as allow me to add little splashes of urban debris such as as bricks and wood. I suppose a basing bake off is in the making.


  1. I'd say combination. I see these guys slogging through a rural village after an engagement, through a rough muddy landscape. So you've got stones, mud, debris, road.

  2. The German infantry looks fantastic. More close up photos please. :)