Sunday, May 17, 2015

Secret Project Revealed 8x6 North African Table

So Steve and I have been building a table. He is going to have loads of table building posts over on his blog. Once we are both cleared to post more photos, you'll find detailed construction info over there. Everything but the palm trees are scratch built. We used loads and loads of plaster, as well as resin for casting building decorations and tires.

So why build a massive North African port town? Well, we've been focussed on narrative play for a while, and have been slowly developing terrain to support it. This table is one of our big leaps. I wish I could show you more of it, but that will have to wait till after our big game. Steve and I are GMs for the two sides, and I don't want to spoil some of the surprises for the players.

One of the benefits of narrative play is grounding the game/units with realistic objectives. For example each player will have specific objectives to fulfill as part of their team. There are also battalion level objectives. Players will know what their squads are supposed to achieve, and will have an overall understanding of what the CO desires. To achieve this realism, Steve, as head GM, is adapting the rules to fit the operation better. Having played two test games now, I am really excited to see how this pans out.

Now, onto the important stuff. As the GM/CO for the South African forces, my officers might be wondering what Scotch to pair with the battle. This is the only important question to ask before game day. There might be other questions once the player packet goes out, but let's focus on the right priorities here. I am going to suggest peaty salty scotches for units involved in fighting closest to the port. For those fighting further inland, I recommend they stick to distillers known for smokey and salty notes.

Scotch pairing for the North African port table game
Peat and Smoke

  • Bruichladdich
  • Lagavulin

Smoke And Salt

  • Highlands Park
  • Caol Ila


  1. As the former Air Force officer, observing in comfort from afar in his chaise longe, I will be enjoying an appropriately delicate, light Scotch, sporting vanilla and caramel overtures, e.g. The Glenrothes.

    1. That is perfect! You made my day with this comment.

    2. Additional Air Force Suggestions

    3. White Zin
      Shirley Temples

    4. If they still make Zima, we're going to have to acquire some for the game. I was going to give the germans all peaty scotch, while South Africans drink gin and tonics, but this changes things.

    5. Oh, you meant for the GAME. I thought we were ticking-off a list of Air Force-appropriate libations for Shades.

      My bad.

      In that case the DAK should enjoy some nice Williams Birne while the poor 8th Army slobs drink gin strained through a fuel filter.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the full table, and I'm pretty confident the rules tweaks will only improve the scenario.

    I'll bring a bottle of Ardbeg: it smells like diesel fuel but tastes like raiding a neighboring clan's sheep.

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to see photos of the finished product!

  4. I cannot wait for this game!

    I already have four (4!) blog posts written and in the hopper outlining the table construction.