Monday, January 20, 2014

Storm Eagle Base

I built this base to echo the emperors children dreadnought standing over a dead Sons of Horus marine. I was hoping that that green of the storm eagle would go really well with the purple on the base. Initially the dreadnought stood out too much, so I doused it in weathering powders. I am not sure what to do at this point. The pose is awkward, the painting is now covered in dirt, and all of the cool little wires and tubs spilling out from the ruined casket are hidden. I do like the way the concrete turned out. The embedded mesh is a bit sharp though.

Does this work well enough to keep? It is sufficiently off from my vision that I can't see it. That is the problem with a strong vision, it gets in the way of practical construction sometimes. The key problem which cascaded here was the support pillar for the Storm Eagle. That chunk of clear plastic just gets in the way of everything.


  1. The purple does contrast well with the green when you see the whole piece, but, you're right, the dreadnought's pose looks a little off. I would lower the power fist so that it's laying on the ground at his side. Or, if you wanted to pull the end of the fist off, that's where you could have tubes and wires spilling out.

  2. Hm, I think I would build up the base much more, and have the dread embedded slightly so i could show him off on his side, and have the tubing visible..

    Remember you could always cut the support pole down, to use ono a higher level, or replace it entirely with brass or perspex rod like we used to have to do with FW flyers before this base existed :)

    I'm building my bases now and I'm just building up cork and putty around them, but i agree, they are a tad intrusive.

  3. I think the base in it self is strong enough without the dread. But then again, I like simple bases without to much stuff that steal attention from the model. The mesh needs a more brown tones to look rusted. Otherwise a great paint job.

  4. Yeah not sure about that dread - kind of just looks like you have half a model having a kip. The flight stand is messing with your placement, but I think the piece is to big to really fit that type of base - particulalry when you look at it in the context of the force as a whole - it rather stands out and then the obvious question becomes where are its legs - if its meant to be buried up to its hips then your infantry would be walking on top of a good meter or so of rubble.

    I would be tempted to drop the dread and bring colour into the base using the metal mesh to offset the sandstone look.

  5. Yeah ditch the Dread - it just looks out of place. Nice work overall though!

  6. I am by no means a high level painter, but I have found that the flying bases look much better when painted black. This helps to alleviate the fogging effect that the super glue often required to make them stay often fogs the stand up (they break repeatedly with use), and it will make it stand out less. You could also go for a tan-ish color to simulate a dusk cloud pushed up by such a low-flying craft -- think helecopter dustups.