Sunday, September 30, 2012

Screamers of Tzeentch: Back In The Saddle

I've spent so long building my Thunderhawk, that I have had very little time to do some painting, so when a few hours became available I decided to paint up some Chaos Deamons I had tucked away in my GW closet. (yes...a full closet...a mini store....) I learned quite a few things from picking up the brush and air brush after months and months of non-painting.

The first thing is that having a filler army, or an army that you paint in between your 'real' armies is really nice to have. I have two filler armies, Deamons and Chaos Marines. When I am hesitating to paint my blood angels, templars, ultramarines, krieg, tallarn, or voystroyan, I can always pick up a unit of Daemons or CM to brush up my skills, try new things, and generally get myself back into the groove. The reason this is important is that there is no self imposed guildlines on my painting. I don't care if my Deamons are themed or not. I do not care one bit about the army list. I have never played Daemons nor will I likely play them. (well maybe at the 1500 pt range someday!) Basically filler armies or units are no stress. I want my Ultramarine force to look spectacular. That brings a lot of baggage along with it.

The other great thing about filler armies/units that that they introduce a pause in army building. I am going to paint a small Black Templar force soon, but after that I am unsure what should follow. A huge purchase of Tallarn would argue for them to be the next big thing. However the Horus Heresy book has thrown a wrench into my whole plan. All those FW units I have been hoarding for my Ultramarines may have to end up as Loyalist Emperor's Children. (the screamers may have been a test of my purple skills for the ECs)

It feels good to be back in the saddle.


  1. Awesome - those really turned out looking fantastic!

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  3. Nice work ! I like this colour scheme !
    I just started playing Daemons so you know :)
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  4. really nice colour scheme, they look really reallistic that i am afraid, they will come out of the display of my notebook ;-)

  5. Could not agree more about wanting an army to look awesome coming with a lot of baggage. I'm about to pick up my brush for the first time in around a year, and I've had to force my goals lower just to make it possible to get going again. I only have one army - I think a "filler" army could be the way forward for me to still get something done when I don't feel like shooting for the stars.

    These Tzeentch look awesome! And they're "fillers"!!?