Monday, March 12, 2012

Scratch Building a Ragnarok Pt 1

With two cuts now bandaged, lots of green stuff to sand, and only 4 track links cast, I present you the first and maybe only ragnarok of the 413th DKOK. Working without all the proper tools made this build particularly difficult, but it was a load of fun none the less. I plant to test the tracks out and then decide afterwards if I am going to model a cleaner version. It has been a really long time since I have tried to scratch build like this, so my unsteadiness shows. I do see this as a sort of gateway drug. Once it is sanded, tracked, and painted, I am going to want to build more things like this. Just like painting, I can see that there are a whole host of tricks and techniques that I do not know. Scratch building is like painting for the first time, which makes it really exciting. Wading into the depths of a new skill really invigorates the hobby for me. I wish I had tried something like this earlier.

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