Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Old School Predator and Rhino

Two more old school vehicles have joined my Ultramarines Legion motor pool.  The rhino was in much better condition than most of my tanks, so it was a breeze to paint. The Predator required a little more work, since I had to added the sloped nose, as well as fabricate four exhausts. Fortunately I think it was worth all the work. I think the tanks look like they belong together despite the older metal turret being slightly out of scale. I was hoping that the not so subtle paint jobs would add cohesion to the force.

The Cassius is still on deck, but as you can see from the last two shots, I am experimenting with water slide rivets. The verdict so far is that they do not work well if paint is going to be applied over them. They certainly do not work well enough for me to make good molds and not loose the detail. I may have to make rivets the old fashioned way, which will make my scratch building project take that much longer. I've already tested the design with paper cutouts, and am ready to move on to the next step.

Three hints:

  1. I just bought quite a bit of tallarn on ebay along with FW mumaks
  2. I have a large DKOK army cleaned and ready to be built
  3. Both of those armies can use what I am building. 

I'll let you guess what I am building.

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