Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monkeys/Jokero With Grey Knights in the Background

I took my light box down while cleaning my office, so these photos were done with flash. I have been paining Grey knights for a few days, which you can see in the backdrop. Since my knights are dark metallics, I thought the army needed some lighter colors. I added Jokero and Demon hosts in bright light colors in order to spread the color spectrum out a bit. My wife does not like the blue gem eyes. At least I did not go with my original color choice of red gems eyes!

Now, on the models themselves. Jokero are small. The Grey Knights in the background are the old metal Grey Knights, which are already a little smaller than the current range. I had some trouble with the smaller scale earlier in the week while trying to paint some mordians. Despite the difficulty in painting, I really like this scale. The Jokero and Mordians look appropriate standing next to space marines.

Since the grey knights army is now in full swing, I started pumping out resin bases. Since the models are dark and cool (mostly) I am going to go for a warm cracked desert theme. I read somewhere online that mixing color temperature could enhance a miniatures presentation. Well, here goes!


  1. These guys look pretty cool, nice to see them on an actual painting table somewhere.

  2. Monkeys look nice, if you are going for a desert theme, might I suggest the same paint scheme as my Crimson Fists (looks so great for how easy it is it's stupid!).

    Step 1. paint bleached bone
    Step 2. gryphonne sepia wash
    Step 3. ?
    Step 4. profit!

    (no seriously - 2 steps!)

  3. uhh.. on the bases I mean


  4. The Jokero are a lot smaller than I thought they would be. For some reason i thought they would be on a 40mm base...