Monday, April 18, 2011

Founding Day Painting Contest!

I won the GW springfield 2nd founding day competition for vehicle/monster! I took my Arvus Lighter, which unfortunately I do not have pictures of finished. It is on display in the GW springfield if you are interested in seeing it. I thought I was in strong contention for best squad, but a gentleman came in with an incredibly beautiful Angels of Redemption squad that just stole the show. I wish I had photos of it. I recommend that anyone interested in painting go to the Springfield GW store and check it out.

So how cool is the trophy? I love the brother Artemis model, and have always secretly desired one. After winning this one, and contemplating dunking it in green stuff in order to paint it up as a non-trophey, I think I will just buy one online. Bill's patina is just too cool remove with a simple green bath.

The day after the painting competition I went to the Bazaar Bazaar, and traded away all of my 2nd edition Orks, Eldar, and Tyranids. I managed to buy/trade for some weird adeptus mechanicus stuff, some cool space wolf miniatures, Mordian Iron guard, and vallhallan squads. I am most excited about the Mordian miniatures. The scale is slightly different than current models, so the miniatures look better proportioned next to space marines. I kept joking to Gil, the original owner of them, that I knew they were ugly, but I really wanted them anyway. My perspective has changed. I think they look cool, and not just cool because they are goofy, but actually cool looking in person. The scale difference makes them look odd online.


  1. That Arvus Lighter is definitely cool, I've seen it in the window and I like the engines. Congrats on the win!

    And you're right about that Terminator squad though - really well done. I just stood there gawking at it today.

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