Friday, July 16, 2010

Battle Board WIP

So I was supposed to play a game with warhammer 39999 when he was in DC. Unfortunately I got called out to California on work, so no luck there. However in preparation for the games I had hoped we would play, I went out and bought a Realm of Battle board.

A couple of important points:

  1. This thing is large
  2. Get your wife's permission before priming the thing on the kitchen table
  3. Do not prime something this large inside when it is too hot outside to open windows
Now that that the important parts have been covered, on the fun bit. Painting. So the I had planned to airbrush this thing brown using the colors from the scenery kit, but after seeing it primed grey I am having second thoughts. A plan is a plan though, so my next phase is airbrushing light grey over the rock areas prior to washing them with dev mud. At least that is my partial plan pre brown spray. Anyone else have one of these things? Any advice for someone before they commit to a color scheme? Any creative color schemes anyone would like to share? I am all ears here!


  1. I painted my board with Krylon Ultra-Flat Olive spray paint, then masked off the rocks & skulls and used Krylon Ultra-Flat Khaki spray paint on them. Then used a Krylon texture spray paint over the Khaki to make it look like sandstone. I like the Krylon paints cause they have the Fusion stuff in them that bounds to plastic really well. I'm not going to add any static grass to the board cause I don't feel like cleaning the mess it will leave in the bag and where ever the board is setup. Might go back and do the wash to the rock areas though.

  2. lol wow your adventurous ... I never prime anything in the house ever. I always do it in the garage even if its a single mini. Awesome lookin stuff though!!

  3. I would reccomend not using citadel colours.

    they are far too expensive to use for such a large surface.

    cheap hobby paints work just as well and if thinned and the pressure is right, will airbrush just fine. (if you really really have to have a colour most diy stores will match a can of emulsion from a chip. paint someting your chosen colour and get a giant can of it :) )

    I wouldnt use my "posh" airnrush for effectively spraying, but i'd grap a dirt cheap single action for coverage, then do details with the posh one :)

    also, drybrushing is your freind on textured sirfaces.

  4. This isn't a shameless plug for my own blog (honest), but you may be interested to read (in reverse order) these three posts concerning my own struggles with the battle board. I hope it helps.

  5. Here are a few tips:

    1) pick your colors and then take them to Lowes/Home Dept etc and have them color match a quart or two. Waaaay cheaper for trying to cover that much area.

    2) Pick up some EARTH TONE PASTELS,7210.html?sc=WGB&utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=GoogleBase

    Grind them up to a powder, add water and paint/spread it around on the board. The BONUS of doing this is if you don't like how things look, add more water and keep spreading it around. You basically use it much like an ink wash (one that you can continually work with for weeks).

    3) Take your time, plan on spending a couple weeks at least with your garage blocked up with the board :-)

  6. O' here is my board in various stages to give you an idea of how good using Pastel Chalk can be (it's also super cheap way of doing such a large surface).

  7. I used b.smooth's blog as a reference early on. I wish I had come back and read these posts earlier. The board is at some kind of stage of completion, just not sure about it right now.