Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flesh Tearers, Blood Angels, Vindicators, and holy cow I played a game!

Lots of photos for you today. I've spend most of this long weekend working at the office, but I managed to get some painting done in between contractors showing up and construction. The good news is that the vindicator is ready to go. I dusted it using an air brush, which I like less than just using weathering powders. After I finished the vindi, I did more work on my BA and flesh tearers. I really love the how the FT are coming out, even thou field gh they take infinitely less time than the BA.

So you'd think that with all of this BA painting I would BA at the local GW. Nope, I pulled out my fabulous death wing and got solidly stomped by tyranids. The came was not even close. Drop podding tyranids and 3 of those giant burrowing things surrounded my tri-colored force and proceeded to destroy them. Two inner circle masters died that day. My opponent gave me a lot of good advice, like having a librarian to deal with the three zoanthropes and 'doom of whatever' that were eating me alive. The MVPS of the game were the mycetic spores, that kept dropping pie plates of doom on my troops. In true epic fashion, my troops huddled in a crater surrounded by the growing tide of death. (The birthing critter kept popping out loads of spawn as well) In the end on lone cyclone thunder hammer armed terminator held the tide long enough for two bikes to escape the carnage. My strategy next time I hear the tyranids are coming..... exterminatus!


  1. Nids are tough. They really come at you from all sides in overwhelming waves.

  2. I loose a lot of games, but the nids just demolished me. I was surrounded and had no real escape route and then had to hunker down and see if I could get some shooting in. I really felt my lack of mobility. I was pretty hard to keep positive during the game, but I tried.