Monday, February 8, 2010

Tau Test

I am not sure why my primer looks lumpy, but I wonder if that affected these test paint jobs. I used a grey primer and then air brushed red and then red/orange onto the armor bits. I tried the technique called under shading prior to air brushing the red to see if it would work on a miniature. At the end phase I tried sponging battle damage on one mini and using a brush with the other. I am not sure how I feel about these. Part of me likes the damages look, but part of me thinks they would look really sloppy on the table top. I put a matte coat on them after the dev mud wash, but I can't get the gloss to go away. That is a first.


  1. Just a suggestion, have you considered helmet color?
    I'd suggest bleached bone...

  2. I think bleached bone is the way to go. I wish I knew why the paint was not going on smoothly!

  3. you might want to try Army Painter Primers. They have a red primer that looks perfect for you. Give it a try: