Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tau or BA Test

This is not my first post of the day, but I needed something to work! I tried the grey primer again, on a tank turret. This time I used an air brush to apply black to the recesses, followed by an overall airbrushing of pure blood red. I followed it up with a blood red/blazing orange mix. The damage inducing sponge hit it next and behold, the big blood red barrel of doom was born. So what do you think about using this paint scheme for my new Tau. Imagine some dark grey, and bright orange Tau writing on the barrel.


  1. Red armies really POP on the table. I've got a blood angels army that really stands out because of the red. The red you've achieved here is bright but not too cartoony which sometimes happens to red models. I think the battle damage and the dark shading work really well and I would love to see a Fully painted Ta army like this. And grey goes well with red. Let's see a test model.

  2. I knew you would say that! So since under shading worked so well with a vehicle, could I just give a mini a badab black wash and then air brush it red and get instant shading? A quick spritz from the air brush with orange would round it all out. Has anyone else tried this?

  3. I don't know much about airbrushes but with my Blood Angels, I spray the model red, do a wash of badab black over the whole thing then i dry-brush again with red and then highlight with blazing orange.