Monday, September 21, 2009

Genestealer Paint Job Test

I started a tyrannid army years ago, after purchasing space crusade, and ended up with a bunch of traditionally painted tyrannic warriors and genestealers. Spin forward a dozen years and I am back to painting bugs. Space Hulk is just so amazing that I decided to do a bunch of test stealers. I found one of my old purple stealers as a reference, and then proceeded to just paint and wash the bugs as I saw fit. I started with striking scorpion green and then painted the soft flesh of one of them with purple, another one maroon, and left the third one green. A few washes of ogryn skin later and I have three interesting test models. I am partial to the one on the far right. I plan to start one of the real stealers today so I can enter it into the painting competition this Sunday. I am concerned that the simplest method looks the best to me.