Friday, January 14, 2022

Ancient Resin Land Raider Upgrade Kits

I've always wanted to see what extra armor, the command kit, and the FW ultramarine doors would look like on a Land Raider. There's no time like now. 

I've just started the paint chipping process with this model. Once the brown/black chips are done, I'll highlight them and then add a layer of matte varnish. At the moment the model is a mixture of satin and matte, which makes it look less unified. After that I get to tackle oils. I'm really looking forward to that phase, but till then....chipping...chip chip chipping.. 



  1. Beautiful kit, loving the extra armour

    1. I put mine on my Terminus Ultra Lascannon party bus -

  2. I think I like the profile of yours more. The command bits and armor together might be a tad much! That screen door you got going on is another thing. AFVs can't have such obvious vulnerabilities. ;)

  3. Looks good. I gotta get back to painting. I don't like big models so I doubt I'll do any this year. But maybe next, there are just so many kits these days, you can't collect and paint them all.

  4. Those upgrades are cool, I think they make them for rhinos too right? I should have picked some up before they went OOP for my ancient rhinos.