Thursday, March 26, 2020

Painting Under Stress

Like almost everyone else in the world, I find myself with a lot of time and a lot of anxiety. Partially this comes from fear for my loved ones, and partially from fear for myself. This makes painting difficult for me and I expect it might be difficult for you as well. Here's the thing, just keep painting. Who cares how many badly painted gems are on these models? Let's stop caring about the brush strokes.  Just paint. Give your brain something else to do for a little while. Even if you can't fully detach from the horror sweeping the globe, you might be able to reach a fraction more calm.  

Be safe everyone. The more you stay in, the safer you are making it for everyone. Every day my wife dreads the moment she can no longer treat patients. The best thing we can do, is stay inside.



  1. Well said, and stay healthy! And, your painting still looks amazing to me.

  2. Stay well and healthy, those paint jobs still look top notch to me. Best of luck to you and your wife who by the sounds of things is being a hero.

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