Friday, April 19, 2019

Imperial Guard Banner Bearer WIP

This rather German looking guy is a Cadian banner bearer, holding the battle flag of Cadia. Shame Cadia fell, but it gave me motivation to build this army. I mean not army. I am definitely not building an army of these guys. Won't happen.

On a more serious god these flags take a long time to paint. This guy is still WIP after 5 hours of painting!


  1. Looks like five good hours spent, though. The flag looks fantastic as does the troop holding it. great work!

  2. Looks fantastic, definitely won’t be seeing more Guard here... honest... lol

    1. I appreciate that Siph. I am going to switch to a more tropical scheme for the next batch.

  3. Jus' catchin' up. Nice to see you back doing astra miliwasits again.

    1. It is nice to be back. I'm still working on the flag, but it is close to being done now.

  4. Sweeeeeeet. I absolutely love the color scheme you've got going here, man.

    1. Thanks Joel! I used what was on my desk, which was a bunch of ww2 paints.


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