Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Adeptus Custodes WIP 2

I think this is my third day painting these guys. I'm fairly pleased with my rate of progress. My next step is to paint 5 sisters of silence to add to the force. Then I can go back and paint all the gems and do any final highlighting. It wouldn't be painting if there weren't a fuzzy varnish problem. I had the jetbikes frost, however another spray of semi-gloss fixed the problem moderately well. Will I know how to play this army at NOVA? No. Will I have an army to play. Yes. I'll count this as a win. Anyone else in the midst of convention preparation?


  1. Convention ? Nah....

    Congratulations on getting them ready.

  2. They look beautiful John. Bit far for me across the pond, but we’ll be awaiting the outcome!

  3. I'm getting stuff ready, but for the painting classes in taking 😂

  4. Loving 'em! Definitely looking forward to seeing them in person in a couple weeks, bud!

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