Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Adeptus Custodes WIP 2

I think this is my third day painting these guys. I'm fairly pleased with my rate of progress. My next step is to paint 5 sisters of silence to add to the force. Then I can go back and paint all the gems and do any final highlighting. It wouldn't be painting if there weren't a fuzzy varnish problem. I had the jetbikes frost, however another spray of semi-gloss fixed the problem moderately well. Will I know how to play this army at NOVA? No. Will I have an army to play. Yes. I'll count this as a win. Anyone else in the midst of convention preparation?


  1. Convention ? Nah....

    Congratulations on getting them ready.

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  2. They look beautiful John. Bit far for me across the pond, but we’ll be awaiting the outcome!

  3. I'm getting stuff ready, but for the painting classes in taking 😂

  4. Loving 'em! Definitely looking forward to seeing them in person in a couple weeks, bud!

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