Thursday, March 22, 2018

Warlord Titan Legs WIP 3

Instead of pinning the legs, I decided to drill holes into the titan in order to fill with JB Weld. I think these deep channels of JB Weld will hold the titan together well.

With the legs ready for posing, I decided to leverage the pelvis magnet and a lamp arm to use as a sort of chassis lift. I'm hoping this will hold the titan in place while I get the posing and eventual gluing right. It is a strange solution, but it appears to be working.


  1. I love the lamp arm solution! Good simple strategy, even if a little unusual at first glance.

  2. That's a lot of resin to hold up with just JB Weld and a prayer, mate. Maybe one or two pins just in case?

    1. I will probably sink a single long pin through the hips, joints, and pelvis piece. However, I think the deep reservoirs of JB weld are acting like pins right now.

  3. Lovely lamp arm solution, I had mine balancing on a Dettol Bottle when fixing the legs to hips, this might work better!

  4. I'm imaging pinning the giant bugger with M6 or M8 bolts.

  5. Love the lamp solution. I built a wooden rig to hold it in place for my War lord, but it was very hard to fine adjust the positioning. This looks much better. As for the pins, my greatest worry with the model is actually not the joints as there is quite a lot of surface and so, I am more worried over some of the thinner parts of the leg. The ankles and the bent part of the leg is only one or two centimeter thick and it should hold the whole weight of the titan. I suppose it is a bit dependent on the pose but my experience with a Warhound in a dynamic pose is not reassuring when it comes to the log term stability of this kit.

  6. Awesome solution to the positioning challenge! Of course now I have ZZ Top stuck in my head. "She's got leeeeeegggs..." :D