Sunday, December 31, 2017

Myphitic Blight-Hauler WIP

I want to end the year by finishing my Death Guard army, which means I need to finish painting the easy build Blight Hauler, 10 more zombies, and the old metal Typhus. I'm painting very loosely and enjoying every bit of it. There is a good chance I'll get this all done. The weathering powders need to moved around , and things like eye lenses need to be painted, but I am so close.

God this thing is ugly!


  1. I always read that as 'myopic' blight hauler.

    It's fuggly.

    Nice job though.

    1. Myopic is what my spell checker prefers as well!

  2. Looks great, good job. Hobby New Year Blogger Buddy!

  3. A suitably gruesome paint job - that Blight Hauler is bigger than I expected given the price tag.