Sunday, January 4, 2015

DAK Armored Car, Truck, and Panzer II

I have been furiously painting my DAK force in preparation for our group's North Africa campaign, but I hope to use it for regular pick up games as well. That is where I hit a snag. I don't have a clue how to build a reasonable list for BA. At this point I am just painting things that I find interesting and look like they would go together. A quick dip into the BA forums last night leads me to believe that transports are fairly bad game wise. However I just can't imagine a DAK force that is not fully motorized.


  1. My Bolt Action list is, literally, the list printed on the side of the Semper Fi starter box.

    This is a bit unfortunate, though, 'cause there's a math mistake on it and they're over by a few points. :/

  2. Keep it up John. You are inspiring me like crazy. Lovely work as always. Love those streaks!

    1. I've managed to push through a motorcycle squad. I have a panzer IV and a tiger to paint before I jump back in and paint the remaining 30 infantry.

  3. Absolutely amazing work. Good to see you modelling and playing BA.