Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sons of Horus Scimitar Jet Bikes

As might be evident from reading this blog, I don't play a whole lot of the actual game, instead  focussing on painting. Once or twice a year this changes, and I get the chance to bring out an Army and engage with the gamer side of the community.

The downside, is that my list building skills are non existent. My goal is to make sure my opponent and I have a good game. Part of that though, is not bringing such a bad list, that there is no fun for the other player. This cuts both ways. The list needs to be solidly middle ground, neither broken, nor cakewalk. Aside  from Horus, who should be a death dealing machine, my NOVA Narrative list looked pretty lacking in AV14 abilities. It was also lacking in speed. Hopefully this squad of jet bikes will solve my fast moving scoring and melts-bombing capabilities.

Now for the question. I had the choice of replacing one of the heavy bolters with a melta gun, but instead I opted to give the squad melta bombs. Is this practical? I could scrimp and scrape and have a melta gun and melta bombs but it would leave my large tac squad vulnerable to walkers.

Ok.. time for everyone to snicker at these models. Go ahead, FW deserves that. In game these guys are basically single shot highly explosive suicide mission troops. The leave as fast as they come.


  1. Great looking unit, man!

    I'm in the same boat, I only get to play a couple times a year. Seems to me that melta bombs are the way to go, as their Armorbane rule ignores the Ceramite Armor so prevalent on heresy vehicles, and the jetbikes should be able to get them in contact (though a three-man unit may be a little fragile).

    Regardless, the important part is to have fun! Enjoy NOVA!

  2. They look great, love that bronze type metal on the housing too :)

  3. really nice paint job man, these look wicked.

  4. Lovely paint jobs as always - great gradients and very smooth.

    I actually quite like the models - there's something quite "modern old school" about the design that I find appealing.



  5. Really like the overall color flow of these models. The green and bronze are lovely together.

  6. FW does deserve that. This unit is a flying dick-joke. Just try not to assault anything from the rear.

    Nice painting though, as always.

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