Monday, February 4, 2013

Thunderfire Cannon Techmarine

I finished this guy up in between episodes of Breaking Bad this evening. The casting was so terrible on the shells and manipulator arms that I tried to use heavy washes and rust pigments to cover up the detail loss. I am not sure it worked, but I think the guy is kind of cool. the weapons up top have spongy feel, and a really fluffy surface. I used heavy doses of paint on them hoping it would fill in all the little holes. No such luck.

For photos I tried was using a photo booth instead of just snapping shots ad hoc as usual. I'll have to experiment more with it since it will clearly enable better photos going forward. The light was a little harsh this time around, but once I get the hang of it I hope to be producing better photos.


  1. done a cracking job there mate still looks top draw keep up the good work

  2. Looking good despite the casting issues. What colors are you using for our plasma?


  3. Great job! Especially concidering the "Finecast" flaws. (how GW can expect people to buy that drivel is beyond me. its almost as if greenstuff is mandatory for modeling their figures.)

    Anyway enough ranting about poor casting. The unit numbers on the knee cap, is that a transfer? or hand done? I always struggle with those.

  4. The plasma and power swords start with a base of Sotek Green. Then Temple Guard Blue is added to the raised edges. Then a 50/50 Temple Guard Blue and white are used on the top edges. White dots are painted on the tips of the top corners.

    The transfers are all from the FW ultramarines transfer sheet. I've been using Micro Sol to get the transfers to conform to the underlying shape.