Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tau Ethereal

The light is a little harsh in these photos, but I wanted to share them anyway. This is a WIP of my second Tau Ethereal. I have never even played my Tau army, but just in case I do, here is my 4th HQ. I am not even sure what those weird gem weapon things are!


  1. Great looking ethereal!

    p.s. the gem weapons are staffs of office ;) .

  2. Good to know. I was kind of hoping they were power weapons or something.

  3. I'm pretty sure those things are shake weights.

  4. Maybe I should pick up a pair and try to loose some weight! I could be Tau-Skinny(tm)

  5. Haha no, they're not power weapons, not by a mile. There's only ONE power weapon in the entire Tau codex and it's on a Special Character that severely gimps your army.

    The symbols of office give the Ethereal +1 attack, regular Str3.

    PS he has no armor save and only 2 wounds. And when he dies, your entire army takes morale tests.

    Do yourself a favor and don't play Tau. I've got 6k+ points of them and I wish I had known better than to pick a non-power armored army. Tau get mercilessly slaughtered in 5th.

  6. Other than that of course, he looks excellent. Great skin tone and gem detail.