Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oath Of Moment

I don't normally review books, audio or otherwise on this blog, but today is an exception. Garro Oath of Moment is a fantastic audio book, well worth buying. The sound effects are a bit much, but the story is great, and it finally answers one of the great 40k questions. The script written by Tob Longworth and James Swallow is great. I know Swallow gets a lot of grief from the BA fan boy club, but just like his fantastic Flight of the Eisenstein, this is definitely worth buying. The authors did an outstanding job.


  1. okay. What is the great 40k question it answers?

  2. Who founded the grey knights! It also answers the question of where the Imperium found so many space marine libraries in order to fill the ranks. It is especially cool that the directive the founder gives the first grey knight is to seek out marines from all legions. The fact that the founder is ok with marines worshipping the emperor is kind of cool as well.