Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: Simple Green

Brother Stern was my first painted miniature in 10+ years a while back. My wife surprised me one christmas with this miniature, and followed that surprise by pulling out a gandolf miniature for her to paint. Her gandalf is still the only mini she has painted, but this one fig brought me back into the hobby side of things. Sitting with my wife painting a mini was just plain awesome!

You can see how rusty I was after years away from the brush. I tried to paint battered armor in colors of my Iron Scythes custom chapter even though Stern was a grey knight. Recently I decided to pick up a GK army, so this fig needed to be refurbished. My skills have improved over the year, and it seemed wasteful to buy another one. A dip in green stuff and then a solid scrubbing was all that was needed to get most of the paint off. I have the mini soaking again, and will probably do one more scrubbing, but I am very happy with the results. As you can see from the other figs, I soaked an imperial assassin, as well as a bunch of my old RT marines. I am thinking about turning the old RT marines into an Ad Mec army.


  1. I have found that concentrated Simple Green is by far the best stuff out there for cleaning any kind of mini. I've left models soaking in that stuff for over a year and they still come out very clean and still in one piece.

  2. I might try a longer soak for the RT plastics then!