Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to my 40k hobby blog. I have been a 40k player, and now mostly painter since rogue trader came out! There was a brief 10 year span where I hid my 40k minis away in storage boxes and did not pick up a brush. However a year ago after reading my first Horus heresy book from the Black Library, I was hooked again. I am primarily focussed on painting and converting now, and got tired of having to switch between The Bolter and Chain Sword or the Imperial Guard message board to show my work. I plan to make this place the single source for all of my armies, painting tips etc. I may not be the best painter, but I am very fast, and have a pretty good time experimenting with it. The banner on the left is the 4th company banner for my custom chapter, the Iron Scythes. I will post their IA, as well as a boat load of images over my next few posts.

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